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Elopements in Spain

June 8, 2020


an elopement in Spain

Why elopements in Spain are on the up

In this blog post i’m going to tell you why elopements in Spain are becoming increasingly popular. As a celebrant in Spain I witness lots of couples who choose this magical ceremony and there’s certainly no right or wrong way to have one! With an elopement you can say goodbye to many problems and hello to many advantages. Read on to find out the major reasons they are growing in popularity:

The stigma has gone

Firstly, the stigma has gone and elopements are no longer marriages carried out in a rushed or secretive manner. Quite the contrary, they are now being considered openly as freedom of choice and the breaking away from traditions. Furthermore, couples can avoid the pressure of making everyone else happy.

Money money money

Secondly and importantly, weddings can be expensive. So by eloping, you can save a lot of money that you would normally spend on catering to all your guests. As a result you can save on the venue, décor, entertainment and transport for your guests. On the other hand, you can invest in things that are important to you like an amazing photographer, outfits, live music, ceremony and location. Furthermore, the money you save can also be used for your future together as a couple, for example as a down payment on your first home.


Moreover, you can choose to have a couple focused wedding and base all your choices on what you and your partner want. You don’t have to stress about keeping your friends and family happy. In addition, with a celebrant led wedding you can have a completely personalised ceremony that reflects you both. You can still wear beautiful wedding attire, have flowers, an amazing photographer, exchange rings and say your vows. You can even add a symbolic ritual like a hand fasting as shown above.

Elopements in Spain – Ideal location

By opting for an elopement you can use the extra money to choose an amazing destination where you can honeymoon too. For instance, Spain has stunning landscapes, beaches, mountains, woodlands rustic farmhouses, historical cities, it has it all. It’s perfect for an outdoor ceremony!! A celebrant like myself can perform your ceremony wherever you like. Overall Spain is easy to get to and not an expensive country.

Social distancing

Covid 19 has thrown the wedding industry into an area of uncertainty, but with an elopement you can forget about social distancing and health risks. For example, this year I’ve witnessed dozens of couples go through the stressful process of postponing their weddings and the hardest part can be reorganising guests. Therefore, elopements are much much easier to reschedule, because if need be, you would only need to change your own arrangements and not those of a load of guests.

Less stress

Finally, an elopement is so much easier to plan and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. The basic setup being a celebrant and a photographer to capture the special moment. Some people decide to elope because of tensions between their families or a lack of acceptance, but an elopement means sharing each other happiness and love without any negativity present.Featured image: Ketch22 photography




How Bilingual Celebrant Spain can help you with your Elopement!

Hi! I’m Sophie an expert at creating creative, bespoke and truly personalised Billingual Wedding Ceremonies in Spain that are all about you as a couple! I specialise in bilingual weddings, outdoor weddings and weddings with symbolic rituals.

I'm based in Southern Spain whether you would like a beach wedding at sunset with the breeze on your skin, an intimitate wedding in an authentic Spanish hacienda or a stylish, luxury hotel wedding I will listen carefully to your ideas and wishes and with creativity and passion craft you an unforgetable ceremony to start your happily ever after! See below for information on pricing.


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