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Child friendly wedding destinations

August 25, 2020

Child friendly wedding destinations

If you have kids and are thinking about getting married abroad, then read my list below of factors to consider. I’ve travelled a lot with and without children and can safely say that Spain is definitely at the top of my list of most child friendly countries I’ve ever been to. As a celebrant in Spain, I work with lots of couples who have children or guests attending their wedding with theirs.

Eating out

Firstly, consider what it’s like to eat out at restaurants there because meal times can be the most stressful time of day for families with young children. Are there plenty of food options for them and is it normal for children to eat out at restaurants? In Spain, you see families eating out with their children all the time and even late into the evening, nobody bats and eyelid! Most places also have a childrens’ menu.


Secondly, are there areas for you or your guests to take the kids to run around for a bit and to let off steam. Look into what beaches, green spaces or children’s parks there are in the area. It can be tough keeping kids entertained allday in an apartment or hotel room.

Child entertainment

Then, think about entertainment and childcare options so that you and your guests can relax and have fun. Some hotels offer children’s entertainment or kids clubs and in Spain it’s now popular to hire children’s entertainment. There are lots of private nursery schools who offer their services for events.

Family centred culture

Some countries are definitely friendlier towards children than others, Spain is extremely family centred. They are welcomed everywhere you take them and staff fuss over them and will go out of your way to help you if your child is crying or having a moment.


Your guests may think twice about travelling to a country if they are worried how safe it will be for their kids, or even for their own safety if they have children waiting for them at home and are attending alone.

Wedding celebration

How easy is it to find a venue that will cater to kids in the country you are considering? Also check out a celebrant that can create a ceremony that can include your children or any children you want from your guests. For example, I had my children take part in my wedding ceremony with a hand fasting and my nieces carried candles to the front. Read my guide to creating a child friendly wedding.


Finally, make sure your wedding destination isn’t too difficult to reach for your guests. Choose somewhere with good flight connections and public transport, if you are travelling from the UK, Spain is only a few hours’ travel.

Spain weddings

If you’d like more information on getting married in Spain, then read my step by step guide here.


Congratulations on your engagement!

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celebrant in Cadiz

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