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Do you need a wedding planner?

June 18, 2020

Celebrating your wedding in Spain

Do you need a wedding planner?

Do I need a wedding planner in Spain? Well, as an experienced celebrant in Spain who works in the wedding industry, I’m going to help you with this question.

Not everyone needs a wedding planner, for instance, I planned my own wedding in Spain BUT, I was living in Spain, spoke the language, had lots of friends working in the wedding industry and most importantly had the TIME to do it. If you are planning to get married in Spain, then here are some reasons why you should seriously consider a wedding planner.

There are lots of professional and great wedding planners to choose from in Spain, so you should find one that suits your style and be sure to look at their previous work and reviews. The more similar those weddings are to what you want then the more likely it is they will meet your expectations and at the best price. It’s essential you find a good wedding planner, because they will fight for your vision, battle with vendors for you and make sure every single detail is perfect.


When you talk to a planner, you should discuss your budget at the get go, talk about the different services the wedding planner offers and that you will need. Wedding planners will know which suppliers are within your budget and may have vendor discounts, so can save you a lot of money. Furthermore, they will help you prioritise and can ensure you get the best deals because they are repeat business and couples are not.


Some vendors speak English and some don’t, but for a local wedding planner there are no language barriers. They will simply get you the best service, can share their knowledge of the local area, key suppliers and vendors, which really is invaluable. Get a bilingual wedding planner, that speaks the local language well and that can communicate with you in English, so that you don’t have to worry about misunderstands.


A wedding planner can handle all the legal elements for you and moreover help you with any paperwork in Spanish. They can also advise you straight away what is and isn’t possible which will make everything seamless and fun, and avoid you going around in circles. They are used to dealing with hiccups and imortantly will tackle any problems for you that may arise.

On the day co-ordination

A planner can hire vendors that are already with the space where you will be getting married and make sure everything is streamline. It’s possible that a venue may only coordinate services that they are responsible for, for example, the food or space itself, whereas a wedding planner will coordinate all the details and getting your guests from one area to another, for example from the ceremony to the reception. Above all, a wedding planner allows you to enjoy your wedding day alongside your guests.


Finally, I think this is one of the biggest reasons couples may opt to hire a wedding planner, TIME. If you plan your own wedding it takes a long time to find the right vendors, lots of communication goes back and forth before you get anywhere and then there’s all the paperwork. Bear in mind that hours and hours are required to cover all the details of a wedding, and even more if you are getting married in another country.

Your ceremony

What is a celebrant? I’m a celebrant in Spain, if you are celebrating your wedding in Spain, you will need a professional like me to officiate your ceremony. The legal part of your union can be carried out in a registry office of your home country and I craft you a ceremony which can be carried out at your venue if you like!

If you still haven’t decided where to get married then read my Spain venue ideas.

Featured Image: Amber Varghese Photography


Congratulations on your engagement!

Hi! I’m Sophie an expert at creating creative, bespoke and truly personalised Billingual Wedding Ceremonies in Spain that are all about you as a couple! I specialise in bilingual weddings, outdoor weddings and weddings with symbolic rituals.

I'm based in Southern Spain whether you would like a beach wedding at sunset with the breeze on your skin, an intimitate wedding in an authentic Spanish hacienda or a stylish, luxury hotel wedding I will listen carefully to your ideas and wishes and with creativity and passion craft you an unforgetable ceremony to start your forever!


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