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Beach Wedding Guide

June 24, 2020


Top tips

I’m writing this blog because as a celebrant in Spain I see so many couples choose to celebrate their love with the sound of the waves, sand under their feet, a beautiful sunset and the fresh warm breeze on their faces. Beach weddings really are beautiful, so, in this blog I share my top tips for a perfect beach wedding!


Firstly, ensure you choose a wedding destination that is easily accessible for you and your guests and importantly within your budget. Spain is popular because it has good flight connections and can suit different wedding budgets, for instance it caters to low key or luxury weddings. Moreover, having your wedding ceremony and celebration abroad means being able to enjoy your honeymoon straight away and a holiday with all your loved ones. Keep things as simple as possible and book your guests accommodation together in a hotel as near to where you will be celebrating your wedding as possible.


Secondly you’ll need to research the local beaches. Some resorts and venues look over or have private beaches, so you can ask them for information, however if it’s a public beach then you will need to ask the local authorities. Either way you must check you have permission to prepare and carry out a beach wedding and if you need a permit to bring equipment, furniture and beverages to a private beach. Also, choose a beach which is accessible to all your guests and suppliers who will need to set up and as close to guest accommodation as you can. Avoid crowded beaches!


In Spain the afternoon can be scorching, imagine everyone at the beach in wedding attire too! So ideally you should choose a morning or sun set ceremony when temperatures aren’t soaring, which result in you and your guests being more comfortable. Be sure to check the tides too, so that you don’t have the water coming in over you and your guests and futhermore look online at what time the sun will set.


As I mentioned above choose a cooler time of the day to get married and bear in mind that not all your guests will be used to high temperatures. In addition, check the weather forecast at different times of the year, you don’t want your guests to freeze either! Have a backup plan for sudden weather changes. Protect your skin from the sun with sun cream and avoid big tan lines before your big day. My biggest piece of advice as a celebrant in Spain is for you to offer your guests parasols or make sure there is enough shade, many couples use a canopy or have some light strips of fabric draped over them and their guests.

Wedding planner

Now, you may think that getting married with a few guests on a beach is simple, but I always recommend having a wedding planner especially if you are celebrating your wedding in Spain or another foreign country. A wedding planner can sort out all the legalities and any permits you need, solve any problems that might arise and have back up plans at the ready. With their expert knowledge of the local area they can also find you the best suppliers and coordinate them for you prior to and on the big day. If you are not sure if you need a wedding planner then read my latest blog here.


Find a photographer who has experience with beach weddings, beach lighting and importantly, whose work you like. Talk to them before setting the time of your ceremony to make sure you catch the golden hour if you are having a sunset wedding ceremony. Show the photographer lots of examples of wedding photos you like to ensure you get the beautiful shots you deserve. Click here to read expert advice from award winning wedding photographer Amber Varghese.


If I were you I would forget long veils, ridiculously high heels and penguin suits!! Make sure you and your guests are dressed comfortably, if it’s going to be really hot then ditch jackets. Similarly, don’t go for too much lace that will get full of sand or clothes that will be flying around if it gets windy. Mind you, If you or your partner want to wear heels then a good aisle runner should help! Make sure you let your guests know what they should be wearing. For example, if you have long hair, then consider an up do so that you aren’t sweating too much or constantly brushing your hair of your face if it gets a bit windy.

Food and drink

Have refreshments on offer for your guests when they arrive, for instance, lemonade or infused water in ice so that they can cool down. After all, you don’t want anyone fainting when you are about to wed. Food can quickly spoil in high temperatures and with sand and possible wind it’s probably easier to have your wedding ceremony on the beach but serve food at a venue looking over or by the beach.

Guest gifts

Some of the most useful guest gifts I see at the beach wedding ceremonies here in Spain are fans, sunglasses, travel sized sun cream, flip flops, all items that will keep them comfortable and they will appreciate. Have a shoe stand for anyone that wants to go barefoot, some bug spray and towels at hand! Click here for more tips to keep you and your guests cool in summer.


If you choose a good beach, then the scenery will be so nice that you won’t need to overdo it with the décor. Consult a local florist who can advise you on flowers sturdy enough for the beach and that won’t wilt straight away in the heat. I would recommend for example some colour to contrast with the sand and do try to source locally to avoid wasting money on importation, forget anything too flimsy that will get blown away.


Get a professional sound system or for smaller weddings at least a wireless microphone and speaker to make sure your guests can hear you over the sound of the waves, wind and any other noise going on at the beach.

The wedding ceremony

You will need to find a celebrant like myself who can prepare and officiate your ceremony. There are also many symbolic rituals that you can include to make your beach ceremony extra special and unique, however, forget candles! Read more about popular symbolic rituals here. Finally, ensure you and your celebrant are not both facing the sun directly and have enough shade. Remeber to rent sturdy furniture that won’t blow over!

What now?

If you are still undecided about having a beach wedding then read about other beautiful places to get married in Spain here.

If you are thinking about getting married in Spain, then read my step by step guide. I’d love to hear about your plans. I’m a bilingual celebrant in Spain and craft bespoke ceremonies for couples in English, Spanish or both languages.



Congratulations on your engagement!

Hi! I’m Sophie an expert at creating creative, bespoke and truly personalised Billingual Wedding Ceremonies in Spain that are all about you as a couple! I specialise in bilingual weddings, outdoor weddings and weddings with symbolic rituals.

I'm based in Southern Spain whether you would like a beach wedding at sunset with the breeze on your skin, an intimitate wedding in an authentic Spanish hacienda or a stylish, luxury hotel wedding I will listen carefully to your ideas and wishes and with creativity and passion craft you an unforgetable ceremony to start your forever!

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