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What is a celebrant?

June 17, 2020


All your questions answered.

In this blog post i’m going to explain why celebrant led ceremonies are so great!  If you are reading this, then you are probably planning an important event! I must admit that before my own wedding, I had no idea what a celebrant was! However, I now work as a professional celebrant/ officiant in Spain and conduct hundreds of wedding ceremonies, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies for lovely couples.

What is a celebrant?

Firstly, a celebrant is a person who writes and conducts a ceremony to mark an important life event, for instance; funerals, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, elopements and vow renewal ceremonies. However, there are other events they can cater to! As a celebrant, I officiate weddings, vow renewals and naming ceremonies here in Spain.

Can anyone officiate a ceremony?

-No. A celebrant must have creative writing, public speaking and business skills, experience in the wedding industry and above all celebrant training. I, for instance, have a degree in English and modern languages as well as years of experience in teaching and public speaking. I’ve also undergone celebrant training and importantly invested time in studying symbolism and marital rituals, so that I can offer a variety of services to my clients.

What’s the difference between a celebrant and a registrar?

Well, a registrar can officiate a wedding vía civil ceremony and they process the legal part of your union which is completely secular and a formality without any religious details. A celebrant on the other hand, is not limited in content and time so can craft you a bespoke, personalised, wedding ceremony. Above all a celebrant led wedding is completely flexible and couple focused.

What’s the difference between a celebrant and a priest?

Similarly, both a celebrant and a priest have a lot of involvement in the planning of your ceremony. But a celebrant for example isn’t a member of the clergy, so therefore isn’t bound by any religious conventions or rites of faith. Some celebrants though, like myself, are happy enough to incorporate your faith and religious traditions into your ceremony.

Do the ceremonies look real?

Yes! They totally do, that’s if you want them to. I, for example, craft my ceremonies based on what my couples want, some want something completely unique and alternative, whereas others prefer a more traditional ceremony and opt to include something typical for instance a certificate signing.

Symbolic rituals

I specialise in symbolic rituals such as sand ceremonies or handfastings, that personalise my couples’ ceremonies and make them unique and special. Click here to read about the most popular ones I offer that you could include in your ceremony.

Why you should opt for one

As a wedding celebrant in Spain, I guarantee my couples a truly meaningful ceremony that everyone will love and remember. A bespoke, beautiful and creative ceremony is what every couple deserves, they should be the heart of your wedding day and not just a legality or quick signing of a paper. If you are having a bilingual wedding then read my top tips!

Getting married abroad

If you are getting married in Spain, you will need to carry out the legal part of your union in your home country with a registrar either before or after your wedding celebration in Spain, which can be performed by a celebrant.

How much does a celebrant cost?

Finally click here to read how much a celebrant costs.

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Congratulations on your engagement!

Hi! I’m Sophie an expert at creating creative, bespoke and truly personalised Billingual Wedding Ceremonies in Spain that are all about you as a couple! I specialise in bilingual weddings, outdoor weddings and weddings with symbolic rituals.

I'm based in Southern Spain whether you would like a beach wedding at sunset with the breeze on your skin, an intimitate wedding in an authentic Spanish hacienda or a stylish, luxury hotel wedding I will listen carefully to your ideas and wishes and with creativity and passion craft you an unforgetable ceremony to start your forever!


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