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6 Reasons why you should consider a winter wedding

June 6, 2020


6 Reasons to marry in winter!

OK, I must admit that I did get married in SPAIN in the middle of August…BUT… as a celebrant, witnessing so many beautiful winter weddings, I’ve fallen head over heels with them and dream about oneday having the opportunity to officiate a snowy ceremony! Miley Cyrus, Amanda Holden, Audrey Hepburn and many other celebs opted for one and they are becoming more and more popular amongst couples, here are 6 reasons why…

1. Your dream venue

Think off peak season, pricewise and availability. With a winter wedding you will have a long list of venues to choose from and you may also be able to consider your dream venue that you’d never be able to afford within the peak wedding season. If you are having a Spain wedding, there are endless stately homes, rustic farm houses and haciendas to choose from with big open fireplaces.

2. Forget the sweat

On my wedding day, I opted for an updo hairstyle because I was terrified I’d get too hot and sweaty. With a winter wedding you can forget the sweat! Wear a veil if you want and leave those long locks flowing (if unlike me you are lucky enough to have them!). One of my main concerns for guests and the bride and groom in the summer months is that they will have enough shade and be OK in the heat, especially here in Spain where temperatures soar. You are also more likely to have an indoor wedding in winter which means you don’t even have to worry about the weather! You don’t have to miss out on some sunshine because prices to tropical destinations will be lower outside the school summer holidays, you can head off to a warmer climate for your honeymoon.

3. More guests

Your guests won’t have other overlapping weddings to go to or be off elsewhere on their summer holiday. There will be more and cheaper accommodation options available for them and during the winter months your guests will have attended less weddings, so they´ll definitely be less likely to bail on you and will be looking forward to a good party!

5. Dresscode and decor

OK, without a doubt, my favourite part! When I think winter weddings, textures; faux fur, tartan and velvet spring to my mind…I picture burgundy, deep greens and sparkles…imagine an afternoon wedding and evening celebration lit up with candles along with the scent of mulled wine in the air. I adore the idea of 20’s Gatsby style dress amongst guests! Here in Spain, in summer, suit jackets and ties do not last long… With a winter wedding you can have your all guests elegantly suited up and everyone can party the night away in style.

5. A cosy ambience

If your wedding is near Christmas, you may not even need to decorate much, perhaps the venue will aready be festive! Just imagine, hot chocolate stations where your guests can be welcomed with a warm drink, mulled wine and an abundance of candles throughout. You can offer blankets to your guests to keep them warm and little bottles of baileys or whiskey as gifts. If you are having children at your wedding you can create a snug area for when they get tired. For more ideas on how to create a child friendly wedding, click here.

6. A stunning ceremony

If you do opt for an indoor ceremony, you can marry your loved one surrounded by candle light, the smell of incense and spices, winter flowers, deep greens and berries… and if you are far enough north, why not have a stunning, snowy white outdoor wedding ceremony! If you are feeling adventurous and want a celtic feel to your wedding, then how about literally tying the knot? Add handfasting with beautiful ribbons to your ceremony! If you are interested then you can learn more about handfasting here.

The advantage of having a celebrant led ceremony is that a unique, personalised ceremony can be crafted for you and can be performed just about anywhere. Click here, to read more about celebrants.


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