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BLOG June 8, 2020

Elopements in Spain

Why elopements in Spain are on the up In this blog post i'm going to tell you why elopements in Spain are becoming increasingly popular. As a celebrant in Spain I witness lots of couples who choose t...

BLOG June 6, 2020

Reasons to have a winter wedding

Reasons to have a winter wedding In this blog post i'm going to name the biggest reasons to have a winter wedding. However, I must admit that I did get married in SPAIN in the middle of August, but a...

BLOG June 6, 2020

5 Spanish touches for your wedding

Congratulations! If you are reading this and soon to be wed, then I'm so excited for you. Spain is a fantastic wedding destination, so if you are looking for some Spanish wedding touches then read on!...

BLOG June 6, 2020

Get the best wedding photos

Get the best wedding photos In this interview, we share top tips so you get the best wedding photos. In addition, Amber is without a doubt one of my favourite wedding photographers. Amber Varghese fr...

BLOG June 6, 2020

Where to get married in Spain

In this blog, I share my tips on where to get married in Spain. I'm a celebrant in Spain and therefore, perform many ceremonies in beautiful places and venues around Southern Spain. So if you want my ...

BLOG June 5, 2020

Why I love handfastings

In this blog I share with you why I love handfastings so much. I still remember my celebrant suggesting hand fasting to me and I having no idea what it was. However, minutes later, my love story with ...

BLOG June 5, 2020

Eco wedding guide

In this blog I provide you with top tips for the best eco wedding. Well done! If you are reading this, it means you are ready to do your bit. Even if you aren’t planning a full on eco-wedding you can ...

BLOG June 5, 2020

Child friendly wedding guide

In this blogpost I share my top tips for a child friendly wedding. We've all seen struggling parents with their crying children at familiy reunions or weddings. Some couples opt not to invite friends'...

BLOG June 4, 2020

Sand Ceremony rituals

Sand Ceremony rituals In this blog, I'm going to explain what a sand ceremony is and why they are a great addition to your wedding ceremony. You can include a sand ceremony in many different types of...

BLOG June 4, 2020

Getting married in Spain

In this blog, I give you top advice for getting married in Spain. I celebrated my own wedding in Spain and officiate lots of weddings here every year, so have lots of tips. If you are planning to ...